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The School in Monze, Zambia

The School in MonzeOur current project is taking place in the province of Monze, Zambia, a southern region of the African continent. Currently, within this area, education is unavailable to the over 60 children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Parents or guardians have no resources to give these children the proper education, health and adequate living conditions required to ensure their survival. At the same time, many of these children live in small villages, many kilometers from Monze without any means of transportation to reach school. Our focus for this region will be not only to build an educational institution in which to instruct and house these children, but to also create self-sustaining projects necessary to keep the school operating once it has been constructed.

We need your help to make this project a reality!

At this moment we are in the process of raising funds for the current school year.

What little schooling is provided for the deaf population in Zambia is not enough to accommodate all deaf children in the country. To date there is no school that caters to the deaf population in the town of Monze and its surrounding area. Our budget for the current school year includes expenses for rental of one classroom, instructional supplies and food for the children.

PROJECT ZAMBIA will be constructed on twenty acres of land located in the town of Monze. Phase one entails construction of staff housing with an attached school room which will later serve as additional living space for visiting volunteers as the project grows and additional facilities are built.

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