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"Think of all the things that were thought impossible until they happened." ~ Gandhi


...and how we got started

In 2002, an American volunteer named Lisa Zahra moved to Africa, an undertaking which was contingent upon her finding her own funding for airfare, lodging, and food. Utilising 17 years of experience as an Interpreter for the Deaf, she taught Sign Language, English, History, and other educational basics to a community of Deaf children living in poverty-stricken Monze, Zambia. She has now re-located to Livingstone Zambia continuing with her efforts to provide a much needed Centre for the Deaf which is now up and running.

Within weeks of her arrival to Southern Africa, she realised that her role would go far beyond that of a simple educator.

The children faced taunting, theft, and physical abuse from their own parents on a daily basis -- a cruel and unjust punishment for having committed the crime of being born deaf. Lisa acted quickly, reaching out to the community and starting workshops for adults, many of whom she did not believe would ever attend any sort of parental counselling, much less a program facilitated by a cultural "outsider." Much to her pleasant surprise, the response was immense. Soon, most of the parents of her students, as well as several adults not involved with the Deaf community, were learning Sign Language and non-violent parenting. Most importantly, their children reacted with smiles, appreciation, and stories of reformed communication at home.

DEAAF is trying to provide the deaf children of Livingstone with an education that may be their only hope to experience and enrich the world around them through their own unique gifts. They will fly to a distant corner of the world, far away from the comforts of an industrialised society. Lisa Zahra has pledged to dedicate the rest of her life in service to those who are so desperately in need of her skills.


Any Questions?

We promise you, we always do our best for your children. Early child care is a very important componet of Educating Deaf children and often overlooked.

The earlier we are able to teach your DEAF children, the better. They can be equal to their hearing counterparts as language acquisition is imperative in the very early years of birth.

The development of a child's brain starts much earlier than you would think. You can teach your deaf children as early as three months old if you use sign language.
We offer transport to and from the centre on Mondays to Fridays.
The centre is situated in a very safe neighbourhood.
The children each receive a healthy breakfast and lunch when attending the DeSanto Centre for the deaf.


If you are interested in traveling to Africa, while supporting a good cause, then this volunteer opportunity is perfect for you.