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Welcome to DEAAF, Deaf Education & Arts for African Families

DEAAF, Deaf Education & Arts for African Families, is a not-for-profit organization committed to providing much needed schooling to deaf children within the African continent.

Our goal is to provide education, assist in poverty and hunger alleviation, and encourage the local community and government to become actively involved to ensure deaf children have an educational future that is often taken for granted in more well developed countries.

Won't you consider making a donation today? Help these children continue their education.

Learn more about our mission by watching this video.

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Travel to Africa , Become a DEAAF Volunteer, Make a Lifelong Impact!

Want to take a trip to Zambia and volunteer to help Deaf children in Monze Zambia?

If you are interested in traveling to Africa, while supporting a good cause, then this volunteer opportunity is perfect for you.  Spend two weeks in Zambia where you will have the opportunity to volunteer at the DEAAF school, stay with local Zambian families, and spend a few days exploring the Livingstone/Victoria Falls area. 

DEAAF's volunteer program and oppportunity draws students and adults of all ages from around the globe; who share in the passion and desire to help those who are in most need. DEAAF volunteers come to Zambia for two weeks, learn all about a different culture,volunteer to help in our classroom. Often our volunteers enjoy a Safari or Tour of some of the most stunning lands on the planet before you go back home or continuing on thier travels.

In as little as two weeks volunteering you can transform, enhance and improve for a lifetime, the life of a deaf child in Zambia and your own! .

"When I learned to sign and speak at the same time, the whole world opened up to me. That's the beauty of encouraging kids who are deaf to use whatever it takes to communicate" - Marlee Matlin

Families and Individuals interested in this program should contact Lisa Zahra for more information and a copy of the itinerary. This unique tour will provide you with the opportunity to visit Africa, while volunteering and supporting DEAAF and the local Deaf community.

If you have questions or looking for techniques on fundraising for your own volunteer experience, please contact Lisa Zahra at for more details.

DEAAF Needs Volunteers of All Ages!

Are you willing to help us? We need help with fund raising, net working, making presentations about DEAAF, grant writing and more!

Please contact Lisa Zahra at for more details.

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